A slightly different creative agency

We create websites without hassle, brands without confusion and campaigns that rise above the noise.

Small agency. Big Picture.

All brands have a story, and all stories deserve to be told. But the truth is we are a small team of regular people who have done what you’re trying to do – grow our skills and passions into a business that we’re proud of.

For over a decade, Visual Tonic has been creating compelling websites that align with our clients’ business objectives and exceed expectations. Our passion is to help find what makes you matter and our mission is to deliver impact.

We know how hard it can be to get the ball rolling and get your ideas off of the ground, so at Visual Tonic we make our mum’s proud by providing honest advice and a stress free creative service at a fair price. 

Our team is not afraid of a deadline. That doesn’t mean we’re sitting at our desks all weekend (sometimes it does). It means we ask the right questions, establish your business goals and  work with you to achieve them.

Need more reasons why?

01.We love what we do.

Ask your mates, Visual Tonic is a slightly different creative agency. We’re addicted to impressing clients and our ability to differentiate brands from the crowd ensures real results. We’re known for our honesty and disruptive approach.

02.Collaborate at scale.

Our core team is based in Melbourne but we work remotely with clients all over the globe. We don’t hide the team from you. At Visual Tonic, you’ll be collaborating directly with the person transforming your brand.

03.Size doesn't matter.

At Visual Tonic the size of your project doesn’t matter. We’re compelled to partner with ambitious brands, big and small. We’ve worked on diverse projects across many industries and love to make a splash in any market.

04.Building partnerships.

Just like diamonds, our relationships are forever. We’re the coach in your corner, not just showing up to the game but changing how it’s played. We cultivate ideas, dismantle walls and help light the fuse for growth.

When the path isn’t clear, the team you turn to should be.

The hustle we bring is because of the satisfaction we feel when deliver a project. As a result, our collection of awesome clients keeps on growing. Indulge us while we shamelessly name drop below.

Staying one Step Ahead with a new eCommerce platform

Step Ahead

Increasing online inquiries for Home Care packages by 175%

Let’s Get Care

Redefining the digital image of a trusted industry leader

Australian Cosmetic Institute

Creating a big online presence for a small boutique called Here


Making waves in the growing eco adventure industry

To The Islands

Design shouldn't cost the world...
It should charm the skinny jeans off it 😃 Let's work together.